The 15″ rod displays replace the traditional real estate agent window displays.
No more need to print and struggle to add the properties for sale or for rent into the frames. Create, change and update the content as frequent as you like.
Catch the attention of passers-by and potential customers with these high brightness LCD digital display. Also ideal for combining with static light pockets in window displays to provide eye-catching motion alongside printed signage.


Grab the attention of onlookers with the outward facing, sunlight readable screen. Once your customers are inside the building you can then use the inward facing display to reinforce your message further.
Even though these displays feature two separate screens they have a profile thinner than most single-sided displays. They have a remarkable depth of just 23mm, allowing for stylish and modern window displays.


Commercial All-in-One Touch Kiosk Solution with Integrated PC and Internal Locker
This all-in-one interactive display combines the best in PCAP Touch Screen technology with a stylish and secure kiosk. The screen resembles a giant tablet with the edge to edge glass tempered front and aluminium bezel. Designed for use in commercial applications, the easy to use ergonomic design allows users to interact with the screen perfectly. The striking design, along with the built in dual OS PC, sets this solution apart from other touch screens on the market both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


The Freestanding Ultra High Brightness Digital Displays are designed for applications in direct sunlight such as window displays. With a brightness of 2,500cd/m² they are 10 times brighter than a domestic television.
They come with a built in HD media player, allowing you to load your pictures and videos, that will start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop. Fitted with a commercial grade panel, and using high quality components ensures that the displays can be in constant use 24/7.