Go big with your corporate branding and create a real wow moment in your reception or lobby with a Video Wall.
LCD or LED Video Walls are suitable for board rooms and sales floors for displaying internal sales figures and live information in super large format.


The Freestanding Digital Displays are fitted with a commercial grade LCD panel with an LED backlight. Their tempered glass face, rounded corners, steel enclosure with super slim profile and aluminium surround all add to their captivating tablet-like aesthetics and also protect the internal components from potential damage. Update screens remotely and create templates with multiple media zones for images and videos.


Workers with minimal technical knowledge can update the displays with the plug and play USB method or they can be networked so they can be updated remotely. The screen’s automatic power timer allows you to set on and off times for the display so the screen is only in use when it needs to be. Scheduling software allows you to display content on different days and times of the day.


Designed to "just work, the NEC InfinityBoard supports any scenario from multiple presenters to large groups with remote participation.
Meeting the needs for video conferencing, creative brainstorming, reviewing and collaboration to boost group work efficiency.